Michael A. Farrar, “Using Voice to Tag Digital Photographs on the Spot” posted on 12/7/2010

Oleksandr Shyrokov, “Human-Human Multi-Threaded Spoken Dialogues in the Presence of Driving” posted on 6/11/2010


Dragan Vidacic, “Biologically Inspired Feature Extraction For Rotation And Scale Tolerant Pattern Anaylsis” posted 9/30/2009

Ivan Elhart, “APCO Project 25 Wireless Data Services Over Land Mobile Radio Channel For Smaller Law Enforcement Agencies,” posted on 07/31/2009

Nemanja Memarovic, “The Influence of Personal Navigation Devices on Drivers’ Visual Attention on the Road Ahead and Driving Performance,” posted on 07/28/2009

Pavlo Melnyk, “Bilogically Insipired Composite Image Sensor for Deep Field Target Tracking,” posted on 02/23/2009


Ian Cassias, “Project54 Vehicle Telematics For Remote Diagnostics, Fleet Management, and Traffic Monitoring,” posted on 12/01/2008

Oskar Palinko, “Effects of Different Push-to-talk Solutions On Driving Performance,” posted on 08/22/2008

Benjamin McMahon, “Computer Modeling Analysis of Broadband Mobile Antennas,” posted on 04/08/2008


Timothy Bond, “Prototype Mixed-Signal Hardware for Public Safety Radio Interoperability,” posted on 12/11/2007

Christopher Gaudreau, “Project54 Handheld System Development and Pilot Deployment,” posted on 08/21/2007

Edward Bourbeau, “A Prototype System for Human-Computer Interaction Logging, Post-Processing, and Data Visualization for the Project54 System,” posted on 07/26/2007

Eric Ramsey, “A Software Based APCO Project 25 Data Transmission Base Station For Local Police Headquarters,” posted on 07/19/2007

Maxim Khankin, “Quantitative assessment of in-vehicle-generated EMI on radio reception in a real-world environment,” posted on 01/05/2007


Sung Yun Kim, “Prototype remote vehicle diagnostics for police cruisers,” posted on 09/01/2006

Chanchal Sharma, “Prototype distributed GUI for the Project54 system,” posted on 02/09/2006

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