Project54: Pervasive Computing Technologies for Law Enforcement

New Hampshire Introduces the High-Tech Police Cruiser to the Nation

The Consolidated Advanced Technologies for Law Enforcement Program (CATLab) was created in partnership with the NH Department of Safety to improve technology for New Hampshire law enforcement.  With eleven years of funding from the Department of Justice obtained by Senator Judd Gregg, CATLab has grown into a nationally recognized law enforcement technology program.  CATLab’s Project54 system integrates electronic devices in police cruisers into a single voice-activated system.  Project54 also integrates cruisers into agency-wide communication networks allowing officers to issue voice commands to the in-car computer in order to access remote driver license and vehicle registration databases.  The Project54 system has been deployed in over 1,000 vehicles in New Hampshire in over 180 state and local agencies.

Working to Eliminate In-Cruiser Distractions

Operating electronic devices in the cruiser can distract officers from driving.  The voice-operated in-car Project54 system helps reduce such distractions by allowing officers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.  CATLab continues to work on improving in-car user interfaces using the world-class driving simulator laboratory created with funding from the Department of Justice obtained by Senator Judd Gregg.

Handheld Computing for Law Enforcement

Many police officers patrol our streets by foot, bicycle, motorcycle and horse.  For these officers CATLab has developed a version of Project54 for handheld computers.  Using the handheld P54 software, officers can scan barcodes on licenses and registrations with the click of a button.  They can also access remote databases, take and share images, and take advantage of the built-in GPS for navigation and other location-based services.  CATLab has been conducting trial deployments of handheld computers in several agencies in New Hampshire.

Multi-touch Interaction for Law Enforcement

Camera-equipped handheld computers and GPS-equipped cruisers and motorcycles can all generate large amounts of data.  Sharing this data among officers at headquarters as well as using it to inform the public can be efficiently accomplished using multi-touch table technology.  CATLab is integrating this new technology into the Project54 system.

Critical R&D for Law Enforcement Nationwide

CATLab’s R&D work has filled a critical need for law enforcement nationwide by leveraging the existing Project54 infrastructure in New Hampshire.  Continued large-scale deployments and technology support will continue to  result in direct benefits to officers.  These benefits will in turn generate buy-in for large-scale field studies that can shed light on a number of R&D questions of importance to law enforcement nationally.

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