St. Paul’s Summer AI Class Visit to P54

On Wednesday we had a lot of fun demonstrating Project54 to Terry Wardrop’s summer Artificial Intelligence (AI) group. The students were an interested, inquisitive and responsive bunch of students.  They were not shy about jumping in and asking Mark questions on the system.  Mark did a great job demonstrating P54 and fielding all of their questions.  Once they understood the Project54 system they moved on to trying out the simulator. Oskar discussed how the simulator is used in distracted driving experiments. Oskar then proceeded to quizz the group on the function and usefulness of an eyetracker system used in conjunction with the simulator on experiments.  The group did surprisingly well on the quizz, generally answering the questions correctly or being in the ball park of the correct answer.

As a bonus and before the group had to leave, Oskar brought them to one of our back labs for a demonstration of our Microsoft TouchTable.  The group really enjoyed getting to put their hands on the touch table and initially thought that it was a giant iPod!  Oskar explained to them the vast differences between the touch table and an iPod and then introduced the group to Jatin, one of our summer interns.  Jatin demonstrated his current work with the touch table allowing the students to see how you can transfer contact information from one individuals cell phone to another through use of the table.  Great job demonstrating the touch table Jatin, I think the group could have tinkered with it for most of the day!

There are plenty of photos of the tour with the St. Pauls group on Flickr.  We would like to thank Terry for bringing his AI students to us for demonstrations.  Terry always brings great groups of students.  As always we look forward to your visit next spring.


Project54 SPOTS Installation – Cheshire County Sheriff

On June 24th, 2010, some of the Project54 staff traveled to the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office in Keene, NH for a Project54 MDT/Server SPOTS installation. Staff members Ross Lenharth and Mark Taipan, along with undergraduate students Devin Mullen and Erika Swanson, installed a Project54 SPOTS server and updated the Cheshire County Sheriff Project54-equipped vehicles with new SPOTS client software. The Dublin Police Department and the Troy Police Department also had their vehicle computers’ outfitted with Project54 SPOTS client software. The figures below show the server installed in Cheshire’s server room as well as Mark, Devin, and Erika performing the client software installation on Cheshire’s computers.

Devin Mullen, Erika Swanson, and Mark Taipan installing Project54 SPOTS Client Software at the Chesire County Sheriff's Office

Project54 SPOTS Server installed at the Chesire County Sheriff's Office

Mark Taipan

P54 featured in Kentucky Law Enforcement Magazine

Here is a great article in the Kentucky Law Enforcement Magazine (issue #34) written by Kelly Foreman, Public Information Officer, featuring Project54.

In surfing through the magazine looking for the article on P54 (pg. 31-32), I came across many really interesting articles.  It is a very well done and informative magazine.  We would like to thank Kelly for a great write-up and also express our thanks for being included in the summer edition of the magazine.

2010 First Responder Technology Workshop

First responders rely on myriad technologies while working to keep citizens safe. The technologies in question range from the true and tested light bars and voice radios, to more recently developed data radios, mobile computers, and servers-side and client-side software applications.

The 2010 First Responder Technology Workshop at the University of New Hampshire will explore recent advances in developing and deploying technologies for first responders, concentrating on the work performed at UNH’s Project54 laboratory. The workshop will also provide a forum for first responders to provide feedback to the research and development community by evaluating the current state of technologies for first responders and by helping to chart research and development directions for these technologies.

The workshop will be held on July 28th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our facility located at Morse Hall on the Durham campus of UNH. The event will begin with a variety of demonstrations by safety personnel, followed by lunch with a guest speaker, brief roundtable and finishing with Project54 research and development demonstrations. 

The demonstrations will take place outside of Morse Hall and will be from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and are open to the public.

UPDATE: Parking for workshop participants will be in F-Lot located adjacent to Zais Hall (ROTC).

Mark Galvin and Arlon Chaffee visit Project54

Yesterday Project54 hosted guests, Mark Galvin, Managing Director of the NH Innovation and Commercialization Center and Arlon Chaffee, Lecturer in Management at the Whittemore School of Business. The visit consisted of 4 demonstrations beginning with our show car demonstration of the Project54 system given by Mark Taipan and Ross Lenharth.

Mark Taipan demonstrating system to Mr. Galvin

We then made our way up to one of our research labs where Graduate Research Assistant, Dylan Fransway, demonstrated how our system works on a MC Symbol handheld and explained how first responders would put the system to  use in a handheld.

Dylan demonstrating the handheld

Our third demonstration consisted of Oskar Palinko presenting our MS Surface touch table and finally no tour can be fully complete with out a trip to the simulator for a demonstration of how we use it to test the system and to conduct a variety of navigational or distracted driving research.  We enjoyed spending the time to discuss and demonstrate our system and want to thank Mark and Arlon for their time.


St. Paul’s Visit to Project54

On May 20th St. Paul’s Artificial Intelligence group arrived to the lab for their bi annual visit and P54 demonstration.  Terry Wardrop teaches an Artificial Intelligence class as part of an Advanced Studies Program (ASP) at St. Paul’s and has been visiting twice a year bringing his students and then his summer camp students to the lab for many years now.   He is very well versed on the project and has been a witness to the growth and development of P54 over the years.

Ross Lenharth, who manages the coordination and deployment of P54 throughout the state, did a great job demonstrating the P54 system to the students.  It was a small but very engaging group of 9 students, who were not shy about asking questions or participating hands-on with the system.

Project54 system demonstration

Zeljko Medenica, a research graduate student, had set the driving simulator up for a distracted driving experiment that he developed and will soon be running. The experiment consisted of an iPod mounted to the dash of simulator.  While driving the simulator Zeljko asked the student to locate and select a specific song on the iPod. The experiment was for demonstration purposes only, no data was being collected but it gave the students an example of the types of experiments we can run and also the type of data we can gather from our experiments. The other students were quickly able to see the drop in driving performance that distraction caused when their classmate shifted focus from the road to the task of locating the song.  The purpose of having the students engage in a mock experiment was two fold.

First, the students were able to experience first hand what it is like to be a participant in a research experiment.  Second, and more importantly they could witness the distraction caused from engaging in the use of a device while operating a vehicle. Hopefully seeing the effects caused by distraction will lead them to making a choice not to use devices while driving or making safer choices such as setting their iPod to shuffle before driving.

As always we enjoyed hosting Terry’s group and look forward to their next visit by the summer group!


National Guard HazMat Utility Vehicle

Here at Project54 we have opportunities to provide cutting-edge technology to not just law enforcement agencies but to local fire departments and to the National Guard as well. The National Guard from Concord, NH has a military utility vehicle used in responding to massive hazardous material situations. While the vehicle is out in the field amongst the hazardous chemicals, the troops need to relay information about these chemicals (and the environment) back to the command center vehicle, located elsewhere in a safe area. Project54 engineers had developed a system to provide both a computer interface to collect data from all their instruments and a wireless network between the command center vehicle and the field utility vehicle. Below are a few photos of the National Guard’s utility vehicle. Feel free to see more photos here at our Flickr account.



Mark Taipan

UNH ECE Open House 2010 at Project54

Last month, Project54 welcomed participants of the UNH Electrical and Computer Engineering Department‘s Open House. At this event, prospective students and their parents get first hand information about studying and research at ECE from department faculty and staff. One stop of the guided tour was the driving simulator lab. Professor Andrew Kun gave an introduction to Project54 and its benefits to the community and students.  Then, our guests could take a ride in our high fidelity simulator. They were delighted to see how realistic the driving was. After this Mark Taipan gave a very nice insight on the student’s perspective of ECE, since he used to be an undergrad student at the department, before joining P54 as a full time staff member.

Mark Taipan talks about being an undergrad student at ECE

Finally students and parents were given time to ask specific one-on-one questions from faculty and staff about studying and research at the department. The event finished successfully as our guests seemed to have had a good and informative time at our labs. We hope to see all of the prospective students next fall at the department.

Oskar Palinko

Exploring High Tech Day


On March 17th we had four high school groups visit us for demonstrations as part of the computer science departments 3rd annual Exploring High Tech Day .

The participating schools were Londonderry, Pinkerton, Seacoast School of Technology and Dover High School.



In total we had 92 students visit the lab. Of all four groups only one, Seacoast School of Technology, had students who had attended our presentation last year.

Seacoast School of Technology

It gave us the opportunity to quiz them to see how much they remembered about Project54!

We were impressed by their detailed recall of info about the project and it was fun having them back again.  Click here to view additional photos  of the visit.


We look forward to being part of the 3rd annual Exploring High Tech Day’s next year!