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  • “UNH’s Project54 Empowers First Responders” 8/1/2010

Focus and awareness are at the heart of what emergency responders do.  For decades, those responders heading to accidents or crimes had to deal with a host of distractions in their vehicles that are essential nonetheless.  Turning on and off lights, answering the radio and typing information into computers forced many to either pull off the road or risk taking their eyes off the road…more.

  • “UNH Demonstrates Technology for Police Cruisers” 7/29/2010

The University of New Hampshire is demonstrating a new handsfree technology for police cruisers that uses voice comnands to operate some of the equipment in the vehicles and connect them to data networks…..more.

  • The Thin Yellow [Highway] Line 4/1/2010

No one doubts that a law enforcement officer’s job is dangerous.  From active shooters and standoffs to drug deals gone bad and combative subjects, there are plenty of images on the 5 o’clock news to remind us of the perils of the job. Driving a cruiser is no different.  As in-car technology….more.

  • “Gadgets in Emergency Vehicles Seen as Peril” 3/11/2010

They are the most wired vehicles on the road, with dashboard computers, sophisticated radios, navigation systems and cell phones.  While such gadgets are widely seen as distractions to be avoided behind the wheel, there are hundreds of drivers-police officers and paramedics….more.

  • “Project54 Ten Years Strong” 07/21/2009

Ten years ago, state police officers in New Hampshire activated the lights and sirens in their patrol cars the old way, by flicking a switch or pressing a button.  To use the radar detection or talk to their dispatch center, they had to do the same thing.  Imagine a police officer trying to utilize more than one of these devices while traveling down the highway at 75 miles an hour in pursuit of a suspect.  Add in the newer technology now standard in cruisers–computers, GPS systems,….more.

  • Car 54 takes to the water: Marine Patrol to get test boat from UNH” 08/06/2007.

The New Hampshire Marine Patrol will test new technology in Portsmouth Harbor this year that will give officers voice control of lights, radar and sirrens, as well as a stream lined navigation system that will ployt paths around underwater hazards……more.

  • “NH Patrol boats to get voice activation system developed by UNH” 07/30/2007

New Hampshire’s Marine Patrol soon will equip its Seacoast vessels with voice activated technology.  The technology already is being used by police officers across the state to work lights, sirens,…..more.

  • “Boat 54 where are you?” 07/30/2007

Science meets the sea in another University of New Hampshire research venture, this time to bolster public safety and Homeland Security in Portsmouth Harbor.  The New Hampshire Marine Patrol will soon equip its Seacoast vessels with voice-activated data and communications technology with the UNH’s Project54….more.

  • “NH patrol boats to get voice activation system” 07/30/2007

New Hamshire’s Marine Patrol soon will equip its Seacoast vessels with voice activated technology. The technology already is being used by police officers across the state to work lights, sirens, radar…..more.

  • “Hooksett police going hands-free with technology” 04/09/2007

Police officers responding to an emergency no longer need to take their eyes off the road to activate the cruiser’s sirens and lights.  Instead, all 11 of Hooksett’s marked cruisers are now equipped with the latest hands-free technology developed at the University of New Hampshire…….more.

  • Dangers of Distracted Driving” 11/15/2006

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, NewsChannel 5′s Stephanie Gorin took a revealing look at the dangers of distracted driving. Police said they see drivers doing everything form putting on makeup to sending e-mails while behind the wheel…more.

  • High Tech Cruising,” The Cabinet, 01/25/2007

All three of the town’s police vehicles are being equipped with the latest voice-activated computers as a result of a $30,000 grant awarded by Project 54. Project 54 (named after the TV show, “Car 54, Where Are You?”), sponsored by the University of New Hampshire, the State Police and the Department of Justice, funded the project at 100 percent…more.

  • Project54 innovations enhance public safety,” Portsmouth Herald, 08/21/2006

Project54, the voice activated police cruiser developed by University of New Hampshire engineers, showcased several new innovations–including datacasting with New Hampshire Public Television–during a recent event at the public safety complex….more.

  • Hot wheels: N.H. cops add motor tech ,” Mass High Tech, 08/18/2006

Riding a wave of success with geeked-out police cars that allow officers to control the vehicle’s technology using voice commands, a University of New Hampshire lab has expanded the project, including a partnership with public television. UNH’s Consolidated Advanced Technologies Laboratory last week unveiled plans to expand its program — dubbed Project54 — that has already deployed….more.

  • Project54 more than before,” Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/10/2006

When two hikers became lost last spring after going down an unmarked trail at Pawtuckaway State Park, it was a bright-green all-terrain vehicle equipped with technology developed by the University of New Hampshire that helped rescuers find the missing pair, according to Nottingham Police Officer Ross Oberlin.
“They were off the beaten path. We fired up the machine and they were found in 15 minutes,” Oberlin said….more.

  • Project54 rides waves of public TV,” Nashua Telegraph, 08/09/2006

Cast your online memories back a moment, dear reader, to the days of dialup modems, when downloading a photo took so long that your coffee got cold. Annoying. Now imagine that public safety depended on the download. Alarming….more.

  • Native Son Leads in Police Technology,” The Berlin Reporter, 08/02/2006

“Look ma, no hands!” Well that is not exactly what is meant when Berlin Police say “no hands operation” while driving their cruisers around the city: That terminology refers to the installation of electronics to squad cars under Project 54 which allows officers to keep their hands on the wheel but access all data and information via voice activation off their computers mounted in their cars….more.

  • Voice activated Commands; System keeps cops hands free,” Government Technology, 05/05/2006

While patrolling the streets, police officers get accostumed to having to juggle all sorts of tasks-operating two way radios, scanners, radar and video equipment, sirens and lights-not to mention having to peer into alleys and check mirrors for possible wrongdoing, all while manuevering in traffic….more.

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