Dover Police Mounted Patrol Mobile Application Deployment

We are excited to report that the mobile handheld application created and designed specifically for Dover Mounted patrol (DMP) has officially been deployed. Last week Ross Lenharth & I made a trip out to Dover Mounted Patrol with Mark Taipan, project leader and lead developer, to assist him with the delivery, setup and training of the application. Mark demonstrated the handheld application to police officers Michelle Murch and Joe Caproni. They are thrilled to be able to have use of this technology in assisting them with data collection, a task that is made much more difficult to do with pen and paper while sitting on top of a horse! The benefit of the handheld application is the ease and speed in which they can collect data, along with the variety of ways  information can be gathered on the handheld, from scanning bar codes on licenses to using voice to record information along with the ability to take pictures to be included in the data files.

While we were there officer Joe Caproni practiced with the application by pulling Ross over and walking through the steps of collecting incident information. I was able to capture Ross’s criminal activity on film getting some great photos!  All joking aside, I enjoyed being a part of setting them up and seeing how the application works from the handheld to the software on the server.


Thank you, Mark, for allowing me to come along on the deployment and great work!



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