Wildcat Friends visit Project54

On Wednesday of this week, Mark, Ross, Oskar and I had the pleasure of demonstrating the Project54 system to a really great group of folks from the Wildcat Friends.  Mark engaged the group in discussing the driving distraction scenarios that are a part of a police officer’s every day work environment. After demonstrating with the labcar how the use of the P54 system can reduce those distractions, we moved over to the simulator where Oskar showed the group how to drive the simulator car.  Most members of the group had never driven before so it was quite an experience for them.  Oskar switched up the scenery allowing some of them to drive in a city while others experienced winter driving. Given the on the spot driver training they received I thought that all of them drove very well.  A few drove a bit fast and well you can see by this picture a few were driving a bit distracted! 

We topped the visit off by taking the group down to our garage to show them the NH State Police showcar where they got to try the system while sitting in an actual police vehicle. 

It was a fun visit and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having them.

There are additional photos of the visit posted on flickr.


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