Visitors from Chengdu University

As part of the efforts to internationalize UNH, our university hosted a group of scholars from Chengdu University, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. In their tour of CEPS research facilities, the group visited our lab too. Mark Taipan introduced our guests to Project54 and its benefits to first responders.  Next, we demonstrated our high-fidelity driving simulator. Some of the visitors drove on our trademark New Hampshire (simulated) snowy roads, while appreciating the ability to walk away from a scene of a simulated accident, unharmed. Finally Ross Lenharth and Mark Taipan gave a tour of our Project54 showcar. The visiting scholars enjoyed seeing the voice recognition capabilities of P54 put to work in a real vehicle.  Chengdu University and UNH are collaborating in initiating the Confucius Institute at UNH for the study of Chinese culture and language. We hope that this collaboration will be long lasting.

Oskar Palinko
Project54 Research Engineer

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