St. Paul’s Summer AI Class Visit to P54

On Wednesday we had a lot of fun demonstrating Project54 to Terry Wardrop’s summer Artificial Intelligence (AI) group. The students were an interested, inquisitive and responsive bunch of students.  They were not shy about jumping in and asking Mark questions on the system.  Mark did a great job demonstrating P54 and fielding all of their questions.  Once they understood the Project54 system they moved on to trying out the simulator. Oskar discussed how the simulator is used in distracted driving experiments. Oskar then proceeded to quizz the group on the function and usefulness of an eyetracker system used in conjunction with the simulator on experiments.  The group did surprisingly well on the quizz, generally answering the questions correctly or being in the ball park of the correct answer.

As a bonus and before the group had to leave, Oskar brought them to one of our back labs for a demonstration of our Microsoft TouchTable.  The group really enjoyed getting to put their hands on the touch table and initially thought that it was a giant iPod!  Oskar explained to them the vast differences between the touch table and an iPod and then introduced the group to Jatin, one of our summer interns.  Jatin demonstrated his current work with the touch table allowing the students to see how you can transfer contact information from one individuals cell phone to another through use of the table.  Great job demonstrating the touch table Jatin, I think the group could have tinkered with it for most of the day!

There are plenty of photos of the tour with the St. Pauls group on Flickr.  We would like to thank Terry for bringing his AI students to us for demonstrations.  Terry always brings great groups of students.  As always we look forward to your visit next spring.


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